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[Rubber chemical master batch]
Product made by dispersing rubber chemical 'binder' evenly to EPDM, NR, NBR, SBR etc and batched with master. Reduced time of mulling, better working environment, saved total cost, better quality are expected.
Synthesis rubber compound Fluorine rubber Compound product suitable for rubber products requiring heat and solvent resisting property such as vehicle, semiconductor etc
Silicon Functional material product with outstanding heat resisting property, hardy, weather resistance, electrical property used in modern main industries
EPDM EPDM Compound - Used for manufacturing parts of vehicle, wire covering etc for its outstanding weather resistance, ozone resistance, insulating capability etc
Other rubber NBR compound - Used for manufacturing parts of vehicle, pneumatic equipment, construction equipment etc for its outstanding oil resistance
NEWLIZER[OXIDE STABILIZER] Synthetic oxide stabilizer with maximum antioxidant capability maintaining conditions of plastic, polymer etc under various environmental factors including heat, light etc
Rubber chemical Makes molecules of rubber in 3 DIM structure when manufacturing, required when controlling vulcanizing speed, improving quality of rubber product etc